“Linebet Rules” are the terms and conditions that constitute the complete, final and exclusive agreement between the Account Holder and Linebet and govern the contractual relationship between Linebet and the Account Holder. The Linebet Rules supersede all previous agreements, representations and understandings between the Account Holder and Linebet. By opening an account at Linebet and using the services of Linebet, participating in a game or accepting any bonus, the Account Holder agrees in full:

  • Become a party to the contract with Linebet,
  • That he has read these terms and conditions
  • That he will abide by all its terms and conditions.

The following is an example of the most basic Linebet terms and conditions in force:

  • An account holder is a person who has opened an account with Linebet and has a contractual relationship with them.
  • “Regulatory Laws” are the laws of Curacao.
  • “Website” is the official website of Linebet, where all current relevant information about the company’s operations is published.
  • “Services” are the gaming and betting offerings provided by Linebet to Account Holders through the Website.
  • The User cannot participate in gambling if the User is not an Account Holder.
  • Each person who creates an account with Linebet warrants and represents that he or she is at least eighteen years of age.
  • The user who has applied for registration guarantees that any information provided in their application is true and correct.
  • The Company will block the account in Linebet, when it turns out that the person has provided incorrect information during the registration as a player.
  • An account at Linebet is non-transferable. Users are forbidden to sell, transfer or purchase accounts from or for other players. 
  • It is also forbidden to transfer funds between Linebet Accounts.
  • The account holder within the Linebet Account settings may set a limit on the amount bet on or the amount deposited in the Linebet Account for a specific period of time or exclude himself from playing for a specific period of time.
  • “Inactive Account” means a Linebet Account where no logins – logouts have been registered for more than 16 consecutive months. Linebet reserves the right to charge a monthly fee for Inactive Accounts. The monthly fee for Linebet Accounts is 500 BDT.
  • Linebet reserves the right to close an Inactive Account once the Account balance has fallen to zero.
  • Deposits and withdrawals from the Linebet Account at any time may be made through a financial institution or online payment provider. 
  • The procedures, terms and conditions, availability and duration for any deposits/withdrawals may vary depending on the time and the country or the specific financial institution.
  • Linebet maintains strict confidentiality regarding all relationships with the Account Holder.
  • However, if requested by the Authorities, a Judge or, where required by law, other public authorities or in the event that the Account Holder has violated the Linebet Rules, the data may be disclosed to a third party for the purpose of an investigation.

Linebet may, at any time, update, amend, revise and supplement the Rules of Linebet. Any significant amendments to the Linebet Rules will be notified to the user in advance of their entry into force.